1000 young leaders

Thousand young leaders is a nationwide campaign bringing leaders and young people together for one day. The goal is to provide a possibility for thousand young people to take part for leaders tasks for one day. Purpose is that leader gives an example what kind of leadership and skills are needed in the working life. For the young, day is a personal challenge and possibility to get good start in building their own career.

Thousand young leaders campaign is organized by Finnish Chamber of Commerce, Junior Chamber International Finland and YES-network.

Isolta was very eager to be part of this campaign and luckily we managed to save the slot for us. So we got some reinforcement to our management team when young gentleman Leevi Aroviita, 18 years old, joined our management team for one day.

Leevi ja Mikko

Day starts

Precisely at 09.00 doorbell rings and this young gentleman steps in. The day started with a meeting where our CEO Mikko Ilomäki and Leevi went through leadership, working habits and culture here in Isolta. Leevi also asked a lot of questions about starting a business and what it does mean to be an entrepreneur.

At afternoon, Mikko had a board meeting with another company where he is the chairman of the board. Leevi participated also to this meeting observing how things are led in that particular business.

Weekly meeting

Every tuesday morning people in Isolta gathers together for weekly meetup. We go through most important topics for the week and also one employee has a responsibility (or priviledge) to keep a presentation. So every week one of us keeps a presentation from freely picked topic. This time Antero had a presentation about ProCountor software which is going to be implemented into our financial management processes. Majority of the presentations can be found from our blog in a shortened form.

Isoltan viikkopalaveri

And then some work (but first lunch)

Here in Isolta we don't want to have complex leadership models or lot of management levels. Instead our organization is very flat (more info about our culture and way of working).

So with that adaptation of our culture, Leevi started to do some work. He participated actively to different tasks and took part in the decision making. Tasks included for example editing newest info-video, improving our onboarding processes (=messages that are sent to users after registration) and thinking how we could better use social media in the marketing.

It was awesome to follow how eager Leevi was to learn new stuff and how he wanted to know more about our company and processes. Also Leevi's passion towards video editing created base for future collaboration. Especially when Leevi starts up his own business. (Leevi's videos can be found from his Youtube-channel)

Leevi ja Reino

Lessons learned

Isolta got a lot of young perspective for everyday doing and some taste what the next generation values in communications, brand and company as a employer. At least Facebook is not the best place to market. Everybody uses Instagram.

Mikko, how was your day?

It was awesome to see what kind of new and smart generation of leaders is coming to take Finland next level. Working with Leevi offered an excellent view to youn people lives and it was delighful to see how enthustiastic Leevi was. Future leaders has to be at the same time very anxious doing stuff now while having a long-term commitment.

Leevi, how was your day?

Day went very well! I really didn't have a lot of expectations and I was very positively surprised. They greeted me vert well and it was nice to talk with everybody and learn how they work in Isolta. Good and interesting discussions with Mikko teached me a lot about leadership and it was interesting to see the everyday jobs of the leader. Huge thanks to the whole crew!

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