Do you really know what your customers are buying? – André Morys and John Ekman

Interview with André Morys and John Ekman at Digital Elite Camp 2014

Roll back the time a year. At that time I knew what Google Analytics does and could use the most typical reports. I could also fluently spend money with AdWords. I knew that when we signed up for Digital Elite Camp 2014 in Estonia we would take our digital marketing game to a whole new level. There were especially a few speakers that blew me away. This is two of them. André Morys is the CEO of the worlds largest conversion agency Web Arts. John Ekman founded a conversion company Conversionista and is on of the foremost onboarding experts. I got them to sit down with me for a quick interview last year. And now that I met both of them again at Digital Elite Camp 2015, I thougt to republish the video to a wider audience. Enjoy!

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