Expectation Management: 3 rules when doing your own PR!


Online visibility! This is what helps you reach your customers and also get new ones. Creating your own brand or rising the awareness about your company and products/services may open the doors to get more and more customers. But keep in mind that media channels are an expensive way for branding, so choose your media visely. You should pay attention to few other things:

1. It’s essential to choose the right media! There is a huge difference between television, radio, newspapers, online media and more. As a first step, focus on what you want to promise to your customers and potential customers and think about what media could help you achieve that. Think further and try to imagine where you want to be in the future with your company.

2. Journalists are a special bunch of people and not particularly keen on responding to emails, phone calls or press releases which main message is "I'm great, write about me!". Try to express your story so that journalists will get courious. Sounds brutal? It’s quite possible that journalists get a lot of this kind of requests. Find some tips how to write your own press release from this article. However, before writing the press release, you may find these 3 rules useful for do-it-yourself press work.

1. Do not compare!

"Last week this company had 10,000 followers, next week, so will I." Not so fast. Although it would be great to have so many followers, it’s actually quite difficult to achieve. What exactly is this other company doing? What products/services are they providing? Who is their target audience and what media are they using? How big is their marketing budget?

Please do't compare apples with pears! Although it’s good to learn from other’s experience, there is a chance that your company has a different target group and by that a different path for gaining followers. So you should find your own way to success, but keep in mind that success can not be completely planned. A little luck is also a part of it. Give your best - you can't do any more than that.

2. Find YOUR story!

"Can you just get us into the media? And post something that will go viral!" This is a difficult mission. Bringing someone into "the spotlight" is not that easy! First, you must define which media do you want to be in.

- step 1: Broadcasting? Journals? Magazines? Something completely different? Not every medium is suitable for your story. This media should be relevant to the target audience (not you). Put your company in the right spotlight.

- step 2: Find a story that suits this media. After choosing the media think about does you story complies with the media? If not, you should rewrite it or choose another media channel. There are different ways to express your story, but still keeping the idea of the story the same.

3. Continue to be more visible

The great thing is that when something goes "viral" it’s usually a surprise. As a rule, nobody expects that a post goes viral on the Internet. PR needs strategy, and that's the hard part. Keep on developing your story and what you want to offer to your customers with your products/services. If it does not work for the first time, do not despair! Keep on trying!

A mention in the press is often dependent on more than one factor, read more about press release.

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