Invoicing in seven languages

You can use Isolta and invoice your customers in seven different languages. Isolta is based in Helsinki and Tallinn, so naturally you can choose from Finnish, Swedish and Estonian. The other languages are English, Russian, German and Latvian. The language selection therefore also serves entrepreneurs and personnel with a foreign background.
The invoice is always also a calling card, so why not send invoices in your customer’s language? Do tell us if a language that is important to you is missing from the selection.

The service is at the moment particularly aimed at companies that operate in Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Germany and Latvia. The invoice requirements and VAT regimes have been taken into account, amongst other considerations. The service is being piloted at the moment in Lithuania as well, and new markets are constantly being looked for. If you are operating in a country that does not yet have support for the Isolta service, do contact us.

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