How to keep your existing customers?

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14 years ago when we founded Isolta, we faced more challenges than expected. Learning step by step we’d love to share important tips and our little secrets in our “From founder to founder” series.

In our last article we wrote about how to find your target group and make a customer from a potential customer. Today, we will show you how you can keep your customers. A customer relationship is like any other relationship: it needs trust and care.

The main thing is trust

In the case of trust, we think of a behavior which we have learned from childhood, but which can be damaged by disappointments. However, it is irreplaceable: Without a certain "assurance" which we give to most people, living together would be difficult and rarely harmonious.

A customer's trust means that you act in your best intentions. It is difficult to set up or deepen a customer relationship if your customer is not getting enough support or is afraid that you are deceiving him. Also, the customers must know that they can rely on you. Mutual trust is necessary for a stable customer loyalty.

Entrepreneurship is relationship management

As far as the care of a customer relationship is concerned, it hardly differs from how one invests in a friendship or partnership. Just think: What are the characteristics and behaviors that make people like to be with you and have a contact with you? What makes one appreciate others?

  • Regular contact. Asking about how someone is doing or an invitation to coffee is absolutely enough.
  • Positive attitude. Nobody likes to spend time with people who are usually in a bad mood, constantly complaining or have a negative attitude. Laughing together will connect you with your friends? It does the same with your customers.
  • Be trustworthy. Like a good friend, a customer will also appreciate if you stand by your words, you are reliable, you handle your customers information discreetly and contribute to your good reputation.
  • Don’t be selfish. Those who contact with others when they need something are never popular. So you should handle your customer relationships with care: Do not contact only when you urgently need an order! If you read about the success of a customer from the newspaper? Congratulate him! Do you have an offer to you customer? Make him or her an offer. This way your customer will remember you.
  • Stay present. Your existing customers have no orders? You have just lost a major customer? You have no resources? Stay in touch anyway: Christmas cards, birthday greetings or other small gestures make them remember your name and leave a positive feeling behind.

"It’s over": Sometimes it’s wise to break up bad relationships (with business partners)

In the circle of contacts, one rule applies to customer management contacts: those who separate 'the cream from milk' can concentrate on relationships that bring value. If you want to keep certain customers, it may be useful to cancel the contact with other customers. Of course, one should never go into a quarrel. But enjoy the freedom gained from when you break off frustrating business relationships and invest in contacts that are rewarding and positive.

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