Starting to use a new digital tool seems overwhelming? We will help.


Most of us use digital services, apps or tools and these tools have become an irreplaceable part of our everyday life. They help us to save time, solve problems and create a structure to our daily rhythm. That is why it is even more understandable that it might be a little overwhelming to take up even more of these digital tools.

Are you thinking that a new digital tool is too expensive for your company - therefore not for you? Most of the time it’s quite the opposite. Most of business related digital tools are created to save you money, time and you can earn even more money and get more customers.

No matter how time consuming some processes are, it’s difficult to change them if you already have a somewhat working solution. This is called complacency, i.e. when people are using a difficult tool but due to the fact that they are used to using it, and they feel reluctance to change it for a better / different one. Our tip is to break the routine and just try a new tool. Who knows, you might realise that it's saves you lots of time and money.

Whenever possible, use the free trial option to get to know the tool. Luckily Isolta has no time limit for using it for free, so you’ll have time to try it out and as a bonus, you’ll get free customer care, to help you whenever necessary.

We have noticed that the need for a new digital service comes only when people realize the difference to what they have used before. The journey to that realisation can take a long time and it might even stop at the starting point, because starting to use a new tool might be more difficult than already using it. For that reason we have gathered some questions you might want to ask yourself when starting to use a new digital tool:

- Think about why you needed the service in the first place? - What problem do you need to solve with it? - What would happen if the problem is solved? - What happens when you do not solve the problem?

Isolta is focused on providing entrepreneurs the easiest way of invoicing. By that we mean the easiest way of creating an invoice and sending it to the customer. You can monitor whether the invoices are paid and send sales reports to your accountant. If you are not yet fully convinced that Isolta is the easiest solution for your invoicing, don’t hesitate to ask us more information. We are happy to help!

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