You have mail! Why are newsletters still popular?


14 years ago when we founded Isolta, we faced more challenges than expected. Learning step by step we’d love to share important tips and our little secrets in our “From founder to founder” series.

Does anyone else reads newsletters? Newsletter marketing has been extensively researched and analyzed. This article is about how e-marketing works and how to make your own newsletter more effective.

The initiator of the newsletter has a strong postion because the recipient wants to receive the newsletter. They have previously subscribed from your website by giving their email address or given you their business card. Receipient has taken the first step in getting regular information about your business.

From the point of Internet marketing, this is a valuable base, since customers and consumers rarely choose what kind of information they can receive. Therefore, the first trust obstacle has already been removed.

How to create an excellent newsletter?

Find the missing topic

It's important to find a catchy topic to keep the newsletter getting into the junk mailbox. Issues or provocative titles make the recipients curious and incite to open the newsletter. Current trend is to add asterisks to the title, for example Valid only today: -50% discount**.

This content is distinctive. However, you should be careful about whether it is suitable for your company and target group. Consult your marketing expert about positioning.

You should stick to what you promise in your newsletter

If the newsletters title is worded as a question, such as "How to send an invoice to a foreign country?", Then the contents of the newsletter should also answer to this question, or at least include an article link that answers the question. Be sure to try to answer your questions to your own newsletter. Readers may otherwise think that you are not competent enough to answer these questions. You can do much more than just find articles with smart answers - you can give me some answers!

Find the golden road between sending irritating and forgotten newsletters - Pay attention to the correct sending interval

People's attention is limited and there is nothing more uninteresting than the overly frequent newsletters. Less is definitely more and will ensure that the recipients will not immediately click "unsubscribe". Avoid daily newsletters, even weekly may be too frequent. It is sensible to store several different news, for example, the collected material on product updates and two blog articles. When the recipient opens the newsletter, he will get an opportunity to read the whole content.

Service Newsletter: How E-Mail marketing strengthens your community

Last but not least, is the fact how newsletters strengthen your customers community. If you offer them an interesting, emotional and useful newsletter, your relationship with your customers will stay be more meaningful and they will remember you.

It is therefore important to see email marketing as part of a customer service. It's not just about promoting yourself, but your clients dedicate their time to reading your newsletter. Preferably, send your customers newsletters that also offer them something extra. Ideally, the news reader will not give you anything for your newsletter, but will be waiting something from you. Whether valuable information, quotes, or even a funny comic that brings a smile to their faces. The better you know the needs of your community, the more successful you are in delivering the news they need.

Until you start learning who is your community, I recommend to follow the Social Marketing Rule - 20/30/50, where 20% comprise advertising, 30% entertainment and 50% information.

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