One website please! A doorbell for your company


Use Wix, Jimdo, WordPress or rather hire a web designer? The jungle through web pages is dense. We show you the things that you should consider and explain what you need considering creating your company's website. Up to the alarm signals, when to say "No, thanks!"

Why should you have a website?

As an entrepreneur who was already able to populate many websites with words, it took me a relatively long time to get my own website. The discussions were something like this:

Potential customer: "Ah, that sounds really interesting. What's your website? " I, swallowing 'uh' down: "I have none!"

Pretty uncomfortable. Why? A website is an investment, not just a financial one. It is the doorbell for your business, your ability to attract attention and become visible. Be it Google with SEO keywords or your own blog.

A small website dictionary

Before we go deeper into the matter, you should deal with a few terms that are important for a website.

  • Domain: A domain is the name you choose for your website. Whether the website name is available, you can check the net for free by simply typing "domain check" or a similar search term on Google. Click on one of the pages and enter your desired domain. If the domain is available, you can buy it - the price is usually there. Attention: The price includes only the domain price, not the registry fees.

  • Registry: The registry will register your domain. It is a kind of institution that manages all domains, also the so-called top-level domains, which have endings like .de, .at, .eu or .com. To use these domain endings, an annual fee is has to be paid, but only to the registry. They have already bought the domain, so nothing will be charged for that.

  • CMS: This abbreviation stands for Content Management System. Imagine it as a kind of shell. The shell which is filled with your website content.

Your web designer should know that

Purpose of the website

  • Do you need the site for private or professional purposes?
  • Would you like an online store?
  • What is the message of your page? Should visitors contact you or can they make orders themselves?
  • Is your site a cooperation project in connection with another website?

The effort

  • Do you need a completely new website or do you already have one that just needs an update?
  • Would you like to add content to your website, for example, images and texts, if necessary? In this case, a web designer can choose from an easily managed CMS, such as WordPress or Neos.
  • How much have you thought about the details of your website? Do you have some concept already in mind? Are some or some details complete, or are you just starting?
  • How quickly should the website be ready? Specific information helps the web designer because, for example, "as soon as possible" may mean something else to you than it means to the web designer. For example, in a week or in a month. Of course, keep in mind that if you want a site quickly, the price can also change.

The cost of a website

The price of a website is often different and is not always proportional to the quality, you either make the webpage yourself using a tool or hire a web designer. It is therefore difficult for entrepreneurs to decide how much they should invest into a website.

In principle applies, as when buying a car: There is the basic equipment and then there are a few extras. Roughly speaking, you'll find yourself starting from about 500 euros if you use an website assistance tool. Sounds good? Sure, less money always sounds good. Just make sure that a ready-made website fits in well with your product and company.

If you have values such as individuality, a standard website doesn't quite fit. If you would rather hire an agency, and the basic website starts at about 1,500 euros.

You know a student who can use WordPress - sounds like a good deal ... at first. However, keep in mind you always pay a price, whether it’s money or with support, and the website should be graphically attractive, SEO optimized and innovative.

Think of your site as an investment - it's the doorbell of your business!

A meeting with the web designer

Ideally, your web designer knows your marketer and has talked to him about your positioning and marketing. If he works concept-based, he offers you several concepts to choose from. If he is customer-oriented, he designs a concept with you.

3 sentences when you need to say "Thank you, but no thanks" - and what they mean!

Of course, you are not an expert and you rely on the professional opinion. So how should you know when something is too much? Here are few pointers:

"I'll build you a very individual solution with a few special features!" The keyword is: special features! What the designer means by that sentence: I will rearrange the site so that neither the customer nor any other web designer will find their way around it and I can secure further orders. How can you counteract this? Do not hesitate to ask about everything you do not understand.

When the website is ready: "Maintenance is for a fee!" It is clear that the website needs maintenance, but it should not be accepted before it is completed. If a web designer should mention that he or she also has a particular service pack, then it does not really describe his or her competence in the best way.

"Mobile version? This costs extra!"

If your mobile version is particularly different, the extra fee is justified. However, if your mobile version basically mirrors your desktop version, the extras are not justified. In both cases, I recommend that you let the web designer explain exactly what he or she is asking extra for.

Who is an IT expert today? Make sure that the trusted expert always tells you what he's up to and why he thinks it makes sense. It's not a shame to ask for an exact answer, so feel free to ask!

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