Carefree invoicing through payment control

Have you ever not get money from sent invoice? Do you use a lot of time for sending payment reminders and making debt collection? Is the ledger up to date?

Isolta Payment Control will handle payment reminding, debt collection and transferring money in to your company's bank account for you. This means that you don't have to anymore stress about all the post-invoicing measures. Your job is to only send invoices and focus on the important work.


How does Isolta Payment Control improve your business?

Less routine work

You no longer have to monitor payments for invoices, send payment reminders, or agree on payment plans. When professionals handle your ledger, it's always up to date and matches with sales. All your clients' payments will be automatically transferred to you when they are received to the system. Any possible false referrals and payments will be cleared for you.

Faster money circulation

When all post-invoicing events are automated and handled accurately, money circulation speeds up. When an outsourced professional manages payment control and reminders, the amount of paid invoices is much bigger. With the help of a professional debt collection agency, your company's money is not lying in the hands of your customers but is in use in your account.

Reduced costs

The Payment Control service saves you not only time, but also reduces paper and mailing fees.

How Isolta Payment Control works in practice and how it changes your processes?

Starting to use and using of Isolta Payment Control is very simple and effortless. You just have to inform us that you would like to start using the service. After that, we will activate it to you and you can continue invoicing just as before.

The biggest change is in the bank account number in the invoices which changes when you start using the Isolta Payment Control service. All the payments will go through our customer asset account. For you this means that all the payments are made from only one payer.

You don't have to check up overdue invoice, send reminders, contact clients regarding the payments or do other debt collection. All of this are done on the behalf of you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Payment Control service costs?

Isolta Payment Control service costs 0,35 € (+VAT) per one payment transferred to you. That is, you will only be charged when you receive a payment from our partner.

How can I start using Payment Control service?

Isolta Payment Control is available to all of our Premium version users. So as a Premium user you can start using Isolta Payment Control by contacting us.

If you are not a Premium version user you can order it by logging into your Isolta's account and placing an order.

What is the difference between Isolta Payment Control and Isolta Debt Collection service?

With Isolta Payment Control all of your sent invoice payment reminders and debt collection will be handled by our partners.

With Isolta Debt Collection service you can choose which invoices to send to the Debt Collection and which you will handle yourself.

Wait a minute, my client does not pay the invoice in to my account?

No, your customer pays for the invoice to our partner's customer asset account, from where it would be transferred automatically in to your bank account. They will transfer received payments in to your bank account. However, the payment will always be addressed to you even though it first goes to the customer asset account!

Start using payment control service

We are happy to provide you with more information on Payment Control and other information regarding to financial management. If you have any questions about Payment Control or you want to start using it, please send us a message either via contact form or via Chat at the bottom right corner and we will make your invoicing easier!

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