5 Tips to survive the Social Media jungle


14 years ago when we founded Isolta, we faced more challenges than expected. Learning step by step we’d love to share important tips and our little secrets in our “From founder to founder” series.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc., these channels are particularly valuable for young entrepreneurs. With a little effort and small amount of money, great things can be achieved through these channels! In this article, we give you a little insights into how to deal with social media.

1. Choose your platform

You should ask yourself the following question: Who do we want to reach? This question also clarifies the social networks on which you should be staying. Facebook, a network originally created for students, has now grown worldwide. But people younger than 21 are hardly using this network, as they are now more on Twitter, Instagram or Phhhoto or Hypno, a program that connects Instagram and Snapchat.

Facebook is very popular, having main users between the age of 25 and 40 and goes beyond the pure Chat feature. Depending on the profession, Facebook can be used for business networking and it is more dynamic in this than Xing and LinkedIn. Therefore, check the content you want to market and choose your platform accordingly.

2. Develop your content

The main phrase of social media is: "Content is King!" Develop a social media strategy and make a plan: When, what and to what extent should you post and share. For that, you need some background information.

3. The Edge Rank algorithm on Facebook

Facebook has an algorithm that you've probably heard before. It is called Edge Rank and is individually oriented to each person who has a profile. EdgeRank knows you as good as your friends from about 30 Likes, and from about 200 Likes, it knows you as good as your family. Think about how often you have clicked Like?

How do you use this algorithm in your marketing? Bring your target group closer. Invite the community to a like your page! EdgeRank does not only work through page likes, but also through interaction. However it does not differentiate whether your target group clicks like to you, your advertisement or your comment. It involves the fast interaction with your posts.

4. Which topics are of interest to your target group?

A key to this is: 50/30/20

  • 50 % of information about your company and your products
  • 30 % of entertainment
  • 20 % of advertising

Some entrepreneurs have a hard time about the entertainment part. The trick here is in digital storytelling! Pack your postings into a story that suits your business. This also applies to the informative and advertising content.

For example, suppose you are a tax consultant and the Oscar ceremony is imminent. Consider a story about this event, which can be linked to your company. Perhaps you are interested in tax returns from Emma Watson? Or the annual turnover of Ryan Gosling?

5. Know the rules

  • You should pay attention. Complete your profile: a well-understood profile, company’s description and a meaningful story "About us!"
  • Strategy: The Internet world is rapid and constantly changeing, so create a media plan and stay up to date! Customize your posts for your target groups and mix them up: images, videos, links, gifs, memes, etc.
    • Reach: Measure your success and control your postings (such as Facebook Business or Hootsuite). Increase your reach with paid contributions.
  • Please do not act like you are at home. Do not exaggerate. No one crasps anything, if you post too much content too fast so it is better post less in the beginning, but sustainably!
  • The watering can principle. You are somehow represented everywhere, on Instagram and Twitter, your Facebook page has a half-finished profile and there is still a Xing account. Position yourself clearly and be consistent! Select exactly on which networks you want to appear.
  • Agencies and Facebook Ad's. Sure, it's painstaking to deal with Facebook Ad's. Is there an agency that would take the job? How practical! BUt be careful! Customers are often dissatisfied with the cooperation of agencies. They are expensive and not much happens! Research the agency first! What campaigns have they already carried out? How much capacity do they have? Let the figures of successes and failures be given.
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