Why are you giving out free invoicing software?

We provide you a free invoicing software with clear, ready-made invoice templates. Why do we offer this? Find out more, or start invoicing.

Anyone doing invoicing should be able to use a tool designed for the purpose. However, too many entrepreneurs use an Excel invoice template, because invoices are few and an invoicing software feels like a big investment.

Use Isolta to manage your customer relationships and products, make offers and send electronic invoices. Your ten first invoices per year are on us. Upgrade to a paid account when your business starts to thrive.

We believe that your sales will increase when you have professional tools for invoicing and sales management. In that case you can expand to a paid version. This will benefit both you as a customer and us as a service provider.

What do I get for free?

  • An invoicing software with ready-made, clear invoice templates
  • Invoice list and tools for reporting
  • Customer and product register
  • An option for electronic invoicing (from 0.39 € / invoice)
  • Receivables and payment reminders

How to create an invoice using the free Isolta software

Invoicing is easy. Enter the customer information, enter the products or services sold and create an invoice.

You can send invoices traditionally as a hard copy or electronically - the choice is yours.


Use our invoicing software for free with few invoices and upgrade if needed. Every version includes all the features. These are “global prices”. See the country-specific prices of Germany, Sweden, Finland, Estonia or Latvia. All prices are VAT exclusive.

Premium ∞


/ Month

Number of invoices per year


Basic 200


/ Month

Number of invoices per year


Starter 10


Number of invoices per year


Get your invoicing software for free. No commitments.

Features in all versions:

  • Cloud-based Use anywhere and anytime with any device. As long as you have a web browser you’re good to go.
  • Free customer support Our superb team is ready to help you with any questions you may have.
  • Invoicing Create and send invoices with an ease, use different invoice templates and barcode.
  • Electronic invoicing Send invoices via e-mail or electronically.
    Email invoice 0€
    E-invoice 0,39€-0,59€
    Printing service 1,19€
  • 7 languages You can use Isolta in your preferred language and send invoices in English, German, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian or Estonian
  • Customer management (CRM) Keep a timeline of your customers purchases, contacts and things that you have promised.
  • Product Register Speed up your invoicing process by adding frequently used products and services to Product Register.
  • Receivables Monitor your invoices with a glance (due, paid, unpaid, drafts).
  • Payment reminders Add penalty interest and expenses to a reminder and send the reminder to the customer
  • Sales reports Use reporting and search tools to know how your business is rolling. Keep your accountant happy with bookkeeping reports.
  • Quotes Create offers from invoice drafts.
  • Upcoming features We constantly develop Isolta according to our user feedback. Whenever we launch a new feature it is available for you right away. We take care of the updates, you focus on invoicing.

You can use Isolta for free with few invoices. E-invoices, the printing service and checking customer's credit defaults are additional chargeable services. Expand to a paid version after your business grows and you meet the invoice limits.

You can also expand the limit by recommending Isolta to your friends.

If you send less than 200 invoices a year (on average, 16 invoices a month), we will offer the affordable Basic version.

If the number of invoices is reached, you can expand to the unlimited Premium version.

E-invoices and the printing service and checking customer's credit defaults are additional chargeable services.

All the features, no limitations. Send as many invoices as you want.

E-invoices and printing service are additional chargeable services.

Mobile use

Anywhere. Anytime. Any device. As long as you have a web browser you’re golden.

Your data will be safe

Your data is safe with us on automatically and continuously backed-up servers.

Proven security

Isolta is up to the highest level of security. Audited by The Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association.

Fully supported

We have a team of invoicing specialists helping you at every step of the way

Send your first invoice within minutes

Sign up for Isolta for free! No credit card needed. No commitments. Have a look around or start invoicing right away. Watch the video to see how easy it is to send your first invoice.

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What happens when you sign up?

  1. Your account is created and you will receive a confirmation email. After the confirmation you can start invoicing.
  2. You will get all the features for free until you have more than 10 invoices / year.
  3. You can upgrade to paid versions when needed.