Invoice example

Here is an invoice example and required information for an invoice. Isolta provides you with invoicing software that makes sure all your invoices are valid and include everything that is required.

Invoice example

Invoice requirements

  1. Invoice date
  2. Sequential invoice number
  3. Seller VAT number or Business ID
  4. Seller and buyer name and address
  5. Quantity and type of products or services
  6. Delivery date of products or services
  7. Unit price, VAT exclusive
  8. VAT rate
  9. Amount of VAT

We recommend you to check the following cases with a professional accountant:

  • Reason for VAT exemption or reverse charge
  • Buyer VAT number (reverse charge and Intra-Community supply)
  • Details to identify the goods as a new means of transport
  • Indication concerning possible VAT margin scheme (works of art etc.)
  • Indication of taxable investment gold
  • Reference to a possible earlier invoice if invoice is amended.

Tips for invoicing

Always try to create an invoice on the same day as the transaction was done
By delaying invoicing a week you delay receiving money by a week. In addition, the agreed might be forgotten. Timely invoicing gives your customer a good impression of professionalism.

Draft the invoice in advance for invoicing
as an offer, a sales order, or an invoice draft, and do as at the earliest time possible. The invoicing itself – that is, producing the actual invoice and sending it to the customer – should not take more than a minute.

Be sure to send the invoice in the manner asked for by the customer
an electronic invoice if the customer prefers, or sent by email if this has been agreed on with the customer, or by conventional post if you are unsure of the customer’s preference.

Regardless of the method of invoice delivery, before sending check...
that the invoice meets the requirements of the tax authorities and that the customer’s details and the other details are correct. It is the responsibility of the customer not to pay any invoice that is incorrect in some detail or other.

Invoices should also be archived carefully
It is the responsibility of the company to save all accounting materials for the minimum of seven years. Electronic archiving is sufficient, as long as the documents have been saved in at least three different places.

Bills must never be altered once they have been sent
If it turns out that there was a mistake in the invoice sent to the customer, the invoice must be cancelled and a new one made and sent in its place. You are of course free to alter the invoice as needed before it is sent to the customer and to accounting.

Guide to invoicing and economic management
The guide will give a brief overview based on our experience how entrepreneurs do invoicing and sales management.

Download the guide

Isolta is free invoicing software

We will provide you simple free invoicing software. It includes clear invoice templates and the option to send e-invoices.

Make a professional impression
You create stylish invoices. Calculation and legislation are automatically taken into account.

Save time
You can access the previously created invoices and use them as templates

Get your money faster
Deliver the invoice as your customer prefers and they will pay faster

Why free?

Use Isolta to manage your customer relationships and products, make offers and send electronic invoices. Your ten first invoices per year are on us. Upgrade to a paid account when your business starts to thrive.

We are also grateful for users, for whom the free version will do fine. We believe them to recommend our services to others.


Use our invoicing software for free with few invoices and upgrade if needed. Every version includes all the features. These are “global prices”. See the country-specific prices of Germany, Sweden, Finland, Estonia or Latvia. All prices are VAT exclusive.


10 invoices per year


9,90/ Month + VAT Unlimited

With 10 invoices per year you get Isolta and all of its features free of charge.

E-invoices, printing service and checking customer's credit defaults are services with additional fee. As your business grows and your invoice limit is met, you can easily expand to a paid versions.

You can also earn extra invoices by recommending Isolta to your friends.

Pro version includes all the software features without restrictions.

E-invoicing, printing service and checking payment defaults are services with additional fee (see Price list of additional services).

The billing period is 12 months. It is possible to select a 3-month billing period at 11,90 € / per month + VAT.

Premium version is most effortless for the user. It includes all the features without restrictions. Payment control and debt collection services as well as other additional services can be added to the Premium version.

Payment control, debt collection service, e-invoicing, printing service, and checking payment defaults are services with additional fee (see Price list of additional services).

The billing period is 12 months. It is also possible to select a 3-month billing period at 22,90 € / per month+ VAT.

Features in all versions:

  • Cloud-based Use anywhere and anytime with any device. As long as you have a web browser you’re good to go.
  • Free customer support If you have any questions or need user support, we will help you for free.
  • Invoicing Create and send invoices with an ease, use different invoice templates and barcode.
  • Electronic invoicing Send invoices via e-mail or electronically.
    Email invoice 0€
    E-invoice 0,39€-0,59€
    Printing service 1,46€
  • 7 languages You can use Isolta in your preferred language and send invoices in English, German, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian or Estonian
  • Customer management (CRM) Keep a timeline of your customers purchases, contacts and things that you have promised.
  • Product Register Speed up your invoicing process by adding frequently used products and services to Product Register.
  • Receivables Monitor your invoices with a glance (due, paid, unpaid, drafts).
  • Payment reminders Add penalty interest and expenses to a reminder and send the reminder to the customer
  • Sales reports Use reporting and search tools to know how your business is rolling. Keep your accountant happy with bookkeeping reports.
  • Quotes Create offers from invoice drafts.
  • Upcoming features We constantly develop Isolta according to our user feedback. Whenever we launch a new feature it is available for you right away. We take care of the updates, you focus on invoicing.
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