Isolta subcontractors

Isolta uses subcontractors to provide services and to process data which may also include personal data.

Subprocessors process such data on behalf and for the benefit of the Customer while the Customer remains the data controller for such personal data.

Subprocessors in core services

Subcontractor Description Location, Inc Hosting provider EEA (including Germany)
Basware Oyj E-invoice operator EEA (Finland)

Subprocessors in specific additional services

Subcontractor Description Location
Fitek AS E-invoice operator in Estonia EEA (Estonia)
Uuva Oy Oursourced sales receivables/creditor EEA (Finland)

Other subcontractors

Isolta may use subcontractors in internal services (accounting etc) and tools (CRM, communication, project management, technical monitoring etc) to process data which may also include personal data. These subcontractors do not have access to a personal data that is controlled by Isolta's customers.

Isolta may also use subcontractors to provide business data (company address, credit rating etc) to Isolta's customers. Isolta's customers control such data according to their own privacy policies.

All our subcontractors are subject to appropriate security and confidentiality requirements.

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